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What Are Petri Dishes?

Specifically designed for microbiological use, petri dishes are shallow and small containers with a cylindrical shape and fitted lids. They are mostly used for cell culture, as they are constructed of borosilicate glass, which complements that cell culture’s workflow perfectly.

We are offering a wide range of petri dish sizes so that they can be used for a variety of purposes in a lab. You can also find reusable petri dishes at Molecular Biology Products, as they have the ability to withstand recurring wet or dry sterilization procedures.

Why Use Petri Dishes In A Laboratory?

In the fields of biology and chemistry, petri dishes are commonly employed as laboratory equipment. It is mainly used to culture cells because it provides storage space and prevents contamination. It allows the researcher to see the growth phases of microorganisms clearly, as the equipment is entirely transparent. The petri dish’s size allows it to be observed directly under the microscope without the need to move it to a microscopic plate. Commonly, they are used in colleges and schools for lab classes that include seed germination observation.

With a vast number of uses, petri dishes are an important tool that should be present in each and every lab.

Why Buy From Molecular Biology Products?

If you want to buy the best glass petri dishes for your lab, get in touch with Molecular Biology Products, Inc. We have high-quality dishes in different sizes so that you can use them for any procedure you are carrying out. So, go browse our selection of petri dishes and purchase the ones best suited for you.