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Discover State-Of-The-Art Petri Dishes In Canada

MBP Inc. takes a revolutionary approach to microbial culture and research and introduces their exclusive Petri dishes in Canada for microbiological use.

Designed with advanced traceability features, these Petri dishes are shallow and small containers with a cylindrical shape and fitted lids. These dishes are used for precise tracking and determining cell cultures to provide sufficient storage and protect from contamination. Widely used in chemistry and biology, these Petri dishes are important laboratory equipment to improve research efficiency and integrity.

Special Features

Petri dishes are either made of glass or plastic, the transparency allows researchers a clear monitoring of microorganisms. The size of the dish let the researcher observe it directly under the microscope without using the microscopic plate. The dishes are sterile, featuring a flat and even surface, offering an ideal substrate for accurate analysis. The stackable design of these Petri dishes makes the crowded laboratory environments spacious with their storage and organization quality.

MBP Inc., the leading supplier of lab essentials,  manufactures traceable Petri dishes in various sizes to cater to different sample volumes and other experimental needs. Whether you are performing routine microbial culture, environmental monitoring, or antibiotic susceptibility testing, our petri dishes provide a versatile platform for a wide range of applications. Whether it is everyday microbial culture performance, environmental observation, or antibiotic susceptibility testing, MBP Inc.’s Petri dishes provide a versatile platform for various applications.

Use Of Petri Dishes

These Petri dishes are most commonly used in schools and colleges, especially for lab classes for lessons such as seed germination, observation, etc. In addition, there’s a traceability bar code on every dish that facilitates easy documentation and record-keeping. This efficient data management allows for extra time and reduces the probability of human error.

MBP Inc. For Petri Dishes In Canada

The future of microbial culture is here. These innovative petri dishes infuse exceptional quality with advanced traceability features to empower the scientific industry with impactful discoveries. With their superior quality and innovative design, MBP Inc.’s stackable Petri dishes are the ultimate choice for scientists and researchers who demand precision and reliability.