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Sanger Sequencing Clean-Up Kits in USA and Canada

Sanger Sequencing Clean-Up Kits give you a simple and rapid, around 2 to 10-minute method for removing post-cycle sequencing reaction contaminants. It includes unincorporated fluorescent dyes, residual salts, dNTPs, primers, and enzymes from DNA extension products.

These contaminants interfere with the quality and signal strength of sequencing data, and it has dye peaks or dye blobs that may obscure different portions of the sequencing chromatogram and interfere with the base-calling accuracy of sequencing analysis software. This is how DNA is eluted with a small volume of water or loading dye containing formamide.

Features Of Sanger Sequencing Clean-Up Kits

Given below are features of our Sequencing Clean-up kits that make us the best supplier in business:

  • Long read lengths for consistently achieving contiguous read lengths > 900 bases in > 95%
  • More readable sequence that identifies bases close to the primer with excellent signal strength
  • Quick 2-Spin Protocol that gives start to finish in only 5 minutes
  • Minimal DNA manipulation for adding to your sample and spin
  • Ready to use and pre-packed with a fully hydrated gel filtration matrix
  • Flexible formats with single, 96- and 384-well formats
  • Spins directly into the ABI 96-well optical reaction plate or comparable plates and load directly onto capillary sequencers
  • Effective dye terminator removal of various chemistries

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