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RNA Clean-Up Kits in the USA and Canada

RNA Clean-Up Kits are simple and straightforward, which will make it easier for you to do your tasks of RNA extraction. The clean-up kit procedure comes with three easy steps: bind, wash, and elute. Most of these RNA clean-up and concentration kits end up with high-quality RNA in smaller quantities, from picograms to 1 mg.

Pure and concentrated RNA can be eluted in as little as six microliters which will provide ultra-pure RNA. While using the single-buffer system and the spin column technology, the RNA clean-up kits allow recovery of total RNA or selective recovery of large RNAs and/or small RNAs.

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Uses Of RNA Clean-Up Kits

RNA Clean-Up Kits have an important role in obtaining high-quality, RT-PCR-ready, and DNA-free RNA. These kits have an innovative purification technology that is effective with small input amounts of nucleic acids and low elution volumes. The RNA clean-up kits purify RNA from gels, enzymatic reactions, and impure or diluted samples.

These kits are ideal for cleaning and concentrating RNA samples. These kits are compatible with other types of nucleic acids, such as dsDNA, ssRNA, dsRNA, and ssDNA, which includes cDNA.

The purification process eliminates enzymes, buffers, unincorporated nucleotides, oligos, humic acid, polyphenolic, dyes, salts, and chemicals. The RNA can be utilized in downstream applications such as hybridization, enzymatic reactions, RT-PCR, and sequencing.

Importance Of RNA Clean-Up Kit

RNA clean-up kits can help in removing inhibitors from nucleic acid solutions, which can yield high-quality RNA. These kits have all the necessary components for the efficient removal of contaminants that can inhibit downstream applications.

DNA contamination is a common challenge whenever extracting RNA. These kits offer a straightforward and reliable method for preparing high-quality RNA. DNase I is included for some of the clean and concentrator formats, and it purifies RNA to be RT-PCR-ready and DNA-free.

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