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PCR Cleanup System in USA and Canada

Streamline Your DNA Purification With Our Cutting-edge PCR Cleanup System.

Get a comprehensive insight into genes and conduct molecular research efficiently using a PCR cleanup system or PCR cleanup kits. This front-line product is designed to upgrade your DNA purification procedures, particularly after polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification, promising precise and consistent outcomes in your experiments. Here’s what makes us the best supplier of PCR cleanup kits:

Achieve Precise Results

Manufactured under severe quality control standards, our PCR cleanup kits are efficient and feature a user-friendly design, helping researchers obtain high-quality concentrated DNA.

DNA Purification In No Time

Employing our efficient and rapid PCR cleanup system, you can quickly remove unwanted PCR artifacts, enzymes, primers, nucleotides, and other toxins.

The purification process becomes swift using our PCR cleanup kits, consisting of only a few minutes, enabling you to continue with downstream applications without unwanted delays.

Optimum DNA Extraction & Purity

If you have compromised on low DNA yields, congratulations! Gone are the days when you had to worry about inaccurate DNA results.

Our advanced PCR cleanup system guarantees the finest DNA recovery and purity, allowing you to achieve unwavering DNA samples for experiments.

User-Friendly Protocol

We understand how valuable your time is in the laboratory. Keeping this in mind, MBP Inc. has designed its PCR cleanup kits with a user-friendly protocol to ensure they are easy to use and require minimum hands-on time. All you need to do is read the instructions thoroughly, and you’re good to go.


Using MBP Inc.’s PCR cleanup system in the USA and Canada brings versatility and compatibility with a diverse range of PCR products comprising regular and high-fidelity DNA polymerases.

Our PCR cleanup kits are suitable for different research prerequisites as they are designed to cater to various sample sizes, no matter whether you’re working with single or multiple PCR reactions.