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Kingfisher Consumables For Effective Applications

Kingfisher Consumables are meant to assure correct fit and compatibility with the Kingfisher system. You will get unmatched application performance and the most accurate results you predicted.

These Kingfisher-certified plastic consumables are specially designed for SARS-CoV-2 testing laboratories. They help correctly identify which sample is plagued with COVID-19 and which is not.

What Makes Kingfisher Consumables Stand Out?

Disposable polypropylene plastics are used in the KingFisher devices, ensuring sustainability in the long run. Plus, due to their low binding affinity towards biomolecules, plastics such as tip combs and microplates, are suited for magnetic particle processing. You will discover that the magnetic beads are recovered quickly in every workflow. This is because Kingfisher employs a unique design that allows it to reserve them.

All of these amazing features of Kingfisher plastic consumables will come quite in handy, especially if you work as a lab technician. You can carry out your applications effortlessly without worrying about anything side-tracking your results. Get the Kingfisher-certified items from the best supplier of these products!

Get the Best Consumables For Kingfisher From MBP

Now you can get the best consumables for Kingfisher at Molecular Biology Products. We ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality and have no defects of any sort. This way, you can use the consumables, knowing that they will help you carry out precise workflows without any problems.