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Hand Sanitizers in the USA and Canada

Hand sanitizer and cleanser are used to clean and disinfect hands of germs, dirt, grease, and grime; scented or unscented liquids, gels, wipes, and foams with or without moisturizers are available.

Hand washing is essential in preventing illnesses and removing toxic chemical residue and particles. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend washing your hands with soap and water whenever possible. It is also prescribed that keeping your hands clean using hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content is effective in killing germs.

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Choosing Hand Sanitizers

With the vast array of hand sanitizers on store shelves, it’s tough to know which one will be most effective in keeping you safe from harmful germs. Look out for the alcohol-free sanitizer for the best results. Avoid hand sanitizers that contain methanol, which can be toxic.

If using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, you may notice that your hands feel dry and cracked after repeated use. To help alleviate this, consider using a hand cream or lotion after applying the sanitizer.

Using Hand Sanitizers

When hands are visibly filthy or greasy, such as alcohol-based cleansers, gel sprays, and wipes may not be as productive in giving results as soap and water. They also might not remove pesticides, heavy metals, or other hazardous materials.

Use hand sanitizers and wipes with an alcohol content between 60% and 95% when you can’t access soap and water. Be sure to use enough sanitizer:

  • Read the label.
  • Apply a small amount of product to one palm.
  • Rub it all over your hands.
  • Keep rubbing until they’re completely dry.

Handwashing with soap and water is always ideal, but not always possible or practical. In those cases, opt for hand sanitizer. Here are some when you should use it in a lab setting:

When you need to remove contaminants from your hands, and there is no sink nearby

  • After removing gloves
  • Before eating or drinking
  • After handling hazardous materials
  • Whenever your hands look dirty

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