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Buy High-Quality Filtered Pipette Tips

Buy these high-quality filtered pipette tips from MBP Inc. We are offering these items at affordable rates for your laboratory!

Explore the Finest Quality Filtered Pipette Tips

Filtered pipette tips are one of the most widely used laboratory instruments. They are used to measure small quantities of liquid for many scientific applications, particularly in molecular biology, microbiology, and biochemistry.

At MBP Inc., you will find a variety of scientific equipment because we are a supplier of these items. You will find unique pipette-filtered tips of the utmost quality for your laboratory.

Filtered Pipette Tips As Barriers

Designed with built-in filters to provide an extra layer of protection, the filter in our pipette tips is made of hydrophobic materials like polyethylene or polypropylene that allow air to pass through, averting the passage of microorganisms and aerosol formation during liquid transfers.

Find Our Pipette Filtered Tips in a Variety of Options

MBP Inc. manufactures filtered pipette tips that can be effectively used with sensitive samples, including DNA, RNA, or other critical biological substances. They come in different sizes and formats, catering to different pipette models and volumes. The tips are compatible with manual and electronic pipettes, promising accurate liquid handling during experiments.

Benefits Beyond Protection

The benefits of using our best pipette filter tips surpass mere sample protection, i.e., they assist in prolonging the lifespan of pipettes by averting liquids from entering the shaft and triggering internal mechanisms. In addition, the filters with these tips contribute to a safer working environment by reducing the risk of exposure to dangerous substances and aerosols.

Factors to Consider

Before choosing filtered pipette tips, it is crucial to consider various factors, including compatibility with the pipette model, the pore size of the filter, as well as the desired volume range. MBP Inc. offers tips with extra features like low-retention surfaces to minimize sample loss and maximize recovery.

Discover the Best Pipette Filter Tips

In short, filtered pipette tips are significant in maintaining sample integrity, preventing contamination, and ensuring accurate and reliable results in laboratory experiments. At MBP Inc., we produce premium quality tips that function even in stringent sample liquids handling.