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Meet the UV transilluminator – a tool scientists use in labs to see DNA and proteins. Think of it like a special light box.

Here’s the deal: the UV transilluminator shines a strong UV light through a surface, kind of like a special window. It’s perfect for looking at DNA and protein gels after a process called electrophoresis – a method to sort them out.

You can place the gels right on the transilluminator, but here’s the catch – the type of light depends on what you’re studying. You can get transilluminators for the lab from the best supplier, MBP Inc.

These boxes are handy for checking out DNA ‘nicking’ and looking at gels with fluorescently stained nucleic acids. There’s also a tool called a UV cross linker, a special version of the transilluminator, mainly used to stick DNA or RNA to membranes.

In labs, scientists use UV transilluminators to check out DNA (or RNA) that’s been separated through an agarose gel. You can get high-quality transilluminators in USA and Canada from our website. Order it today at MBP Inc.!