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Think of gel documentation systems like special cameras in a lab, sometimes called ‘gel docs’ or ‘gel imagers.’ Scientists use these cameras to take pictures and study the results of experiments with gels and membranes.

Why are they important? These cameras help scientists see and understand stained or labeled DNA and proteins in materials like agarose, acrylamide, or cellulose. There are different types of these cameras, depending on what the scientist is studying and how many samples they’re working with. You can get gel documentation system online from MBP Inc. the best supplier of gel documentation systems!


  • Monoclonal and polyclonal antibody binding affinities
  • Gel and blot imaging
  • Colony counting
  • Immunoassay
  • Multiplex Protein Detection
  • Post-Translational Modification Characterization
  • 2D Electrophoresis
  • Protein Quantitation

Types of Gel Doc Systems

Let’s talk about different types of Gel Doc Systems – these are like special cameras in a lab, and the type you need depends on what you’re studying and how you want to detect things.

Chemiluminesce Camera:

This one is mainly used for something called western blotting. It helps scientists see things that glow in the dark during their experiments.

CCD/Digital Cameras (UV, Infrared, etc.):

These are like regular cameras but super smart. They can take detailed pictures of different types of light, like UV and infrared. Scientists use them to measure the amount of DNA and proteins in their experiments.

Multiplex Camera:

This special camera can see and capture many different colors of light at the same time. It’s like taking a picture with lots of colors all at once. Scientists use it to study things that give off light in various ways.


This camera is extra sensitive and can see things that others might miss. It’s great for studying things that glow in different colors or use special filters.

So, these cameras are like the eyes of scientists in the lab, helping them see and understand different aspects of their experiments. Get the best gel documentation system for lab from MBP Inc.