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A distillation apparatus, or ‘still,’ consists of three parts: a plant material and water container, a cooler, and a collection point. We heat the plant in water, and steam carries out the essential oils.

Distillation separates liquids with different boiling points by turning them into vapor and then collecting them as a liquid. This is useful in industries for separating mixtures or obtaining pure liquids from impurities. You can get lab distillation equipment online from the best supplier, MBP Inc.

Types of Distillation:-

Read about the types of distillation below:

Simple Distillation: Used when liquids have different boiling points; involves heating the mixture and condensing the vapors to separate liquids from solids or non-volatile components.

Fractional Distillation: Separates liquids with similar boiling points; uses vaporization and condensation in a fractioning column, gradually increasing temperature to separate components.

Steam Distillation: Separates heat-sensitive components by passing steam through the mixture, condensing the vapors to obtain essential oils from aromatic flowers or herbs.

Vacuum Distillation: Separates liquids with high boiling points at lower temperatures under reduced pressure, useful for obtaining highly purified samples.

Air-sensitive Vacuum Distillation: Specifically for air-sensitive compounds, involves vacuum distillation, followed by replacing the vacuum with inert gas after the process.

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