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High-Quality Water Baths For Laboratory Use in USA and Canada

Experience the pinnacle of reliability and performance with our Water Baths for labs. Engineered to uphold water temperature from room level to 100°C, these robust baths cater to a diverse array of laboratory tasks.


Labnet 6 Liter General Purpose Water Bath:

  • Labnet introduces a range of 6 Liter Water Baths tailored for user ease.
  • Constructed from sturdy stainless steel, these baths ensure durability.
  • The seamless chamber design effectively prevents corrosion.
  • Included stainless gable cover minimizes evaporation, enhancing user experience.
  • The optional non-toxic thermometer can be effortlessly attached for precise temperature monitoring.


  • Temperature range: Ambient +5° to 100°C
  • Capacity: 6 liters
  • Controls: Analog
  • Heater: 550W

Water baths are indispensable tools in laboratories for maintaining precise and stable temperatures required for a multitude of scientific processes. With MBP Inc., you can rest assured that you get the best product for the best value for money to carry out your experiments!

Seamless Purchase Process

Getting a top-notch Water Bath for your Lab with MBP Inc. is an effortless journey. Simply select your desired products, add them to your cart, provide essential details, and confirm your order. Once your order is placed, sit back and await the swift delivery of your chosen equipment.

If you still need assistance with something, get in touch with the best supplier of Water Baths today, and our dedicated representative will be more than delighted to guide you through the process of acquiring the perfect Laboratory water baths in Canada and USA!