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We take pride in being the best suppliers by delivering some of the best Hybridization Ovens in Canada that provide the most effective mixing and warming conditions found in molecular biology research labs. By spinning samples, they ensure uniform dispersion of identifying probes across membranes. These ovens uniformly heat up quickly and maintain accurate temperature settings.

Popular products

200C 7.6 Cu Ft Vacuum Oven W/ 7 Aluminum Shelves – 220V

  • Internal vacuum tubing made of metal for improved vacuum levels and durability
  • Secondary over-temp dial built-in for enhanced over-temperature protection
  • Each vacuum oven undergoes a 24-hour vacuum leak test

Ai 250°C Forced Drying Ovens

  • Enhanced precision, accuracy, and uniformity
  • Memory function retains settings during power loss and restores operations afterward
  • Alarm feature for temperature deviations from the desired range

AI AccuTemp Vacuum Drying ovens

  • Significantly reduces drying time for different materials
  • Ensures exceptional temperature uniformity within the chamber
  • A vacuum environment lowers boiling point, which is ideal for heat-sensitive materials

Various models vary in temperature range, rotation speed, and capacity customization. Unique attributes encompass built-in fans for internal circulation, trays that can be easily removed and cleaned, and illuminated LED screens.

Buy Hybridization Ovens In Canada and USA From MBP Inc.

Acquiring supplies and laboratory equipment through MBP Inc. unfolds as a seamless and uncomplicated procedure. Simply select your preferred items, input essential information, and confirm your order. Following order confirmation, patiently anticipate the delivery of your products.

Reach out to us, and one of our representatives will enthusiastically guide you in your quest for the perfect Hybridization Ovens in Canada and USA!