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Plate spinners are designed for precision and efficiency, and this innovative centrifuge is poised to give you better in your sample processing. You can buy plate spinner centrifuges online from the best supplier, MBP Inc.

Features Of Plate Spinner:

Read about the features of the plate spinner below:

High Throughput: Simultaneously processes multiple samples for efficient workflow.

Versatile Rotors: Accommodates microplates, PCR plates, deep-well plates, and more.

Rapid Acceleration/Braking: A powerful motor ensures quick processing and consistent results.

Compact Design: Space-saving without compromising performance.

User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive controls for easy parameter adjustments.

Applications Of Plate Spinner:

Read about the applications of plate spinner:

DNA and RNA Extraction: Efficiently separate nucleic acids from complex biological samples.

PCR and Microplate Centrifugation: Facilitate quick and uniform spins for PCR reactions and microplate-based assays.

Cell Culture Work: Accelerate cell culture workflows with consistent and reliable centrifugation.

Protein Purification: Achieve optimal sample preparation for protein purification protocols.

Revolutionize your lab with the plate spinner centrifuge. Enhance efficiency, save time, and ensure consistent results. You can get centrifuge plate spinners in the USA and Canada from our website. Order it today!