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A microcentrifuge is a laboratory instrument used to rapidly spin small volumes of liquid, typically in the range of 0.2 to 2.0 milliliters. It is a compact and high-speed centrifuge designed to quickly separate components in small samples, such as DNA, RNA, proteins, or other biomolecules. You can buy lab microcentrifuge online from the best supplier of laboratory products, MBP Inc.

Features Of Microcentrifuge:

Read about the features of microcentrifuge below:

Size: It is smaller than regular centrifuges, making it suitable for benchtop use and saving space in the laboratory.

Speed: Microcentrifuges operate at high speeds, often reaching tens of thousands of revolutions per minute (RPM). This high speed allows for rapid sedimentation or pelleting of particles in the liquid.

Rotors: These rotors typically come with various interchangeable rotors designed to hold microcentrifuge tubes. Different rotor configurations allow for flexibility in accommodating various sample sizes and types.

Applications: Microcentrifuges are commonly used in molecular biology, biochemistry, and microbiology laboratories for DNA/RNA extraction, protein purification, sample preparation, and quick centrifugation of small volumes.

Cooling: Some advanced models may have cooling features to prevent sample degradation or denaturation during centrifugation.

Microcentrifuges rapidly separate biological sample components by density, playing a crucial role in research, diagnostics, and clinical labs due to their speed and efficiency. You can shop microcentrifuge online in USA and Canada through MBP Inc. Check us out today!