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Buy Universal Centrifuges Online For Tailored Precision for Diverse Lab Needs

Want tailored precision in your lab assays? Buy Universal centrifuges online with MBP Inc.

A Universal Centrifuge is characterized by its diverse rotor choices, allowing it to spin at different speeds and process laboratory samples with flexibility. With a maximum capacity of up to 1 liter, these centrifuges offer a variety of rotors suitable for tubes ranging from 5 to 100 mL, gel packs, CYTO inserts, and microplates.

Designed for General Applications

Tailored for general applications in clinical and diagnostic laboratories, these centrifuges feature microprocessor control of speed, time, acceleration, deceleration, and centrifugal force, along with a digital readout of parameters and offer precise control. The efficient ventilation system prevents sample overheating, ensuring reliable results.

MBP Inc. stands as the leading supplier of Universal Centrifuges in Canada and the USA, providing top-notch equipment that caters to the diverse needs of modern laboratories.