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Buy Super Speed Centrifuges Online For Your Particle Research

To get accurate results for your research, buy super speed centrifuges online with MBP Inc.

Super Speed Centrifuges, designed with a benchtop layout that mirrors the power of floor models, utilize centrifugal force to separate particles of varying mass or densities suspended in a liquid. By rotating the solution in the tube at high speeds, each particle gains angular momentum, creating a centrifugal force proportional to its mass for efficient separation.

Vital in Virology and Particle Research

Indispensable in virology and particle research, super-speed centrifuges concentrate, purify, and separate viruses, virus-like particles, and other particulate matter. They play a crucial role in studying virus structure, replication, and characterization, contributing to the development of vaccines and antiviral therapies.

MBP Inc. is the leading supplier of Super Speed Centrifuges in Canada and the USA, providing cutting-edge equipment for advanced particle research and virology studies.