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Buy Oil Testing Centrifuges Online With MPB Inc.

Want precision in determining oil quality, then buy oil testing centrifuges online with MBP Inc.

Oil Testing Centrifuges, specifically designed for determining water and sediment content in oils, utilize a heated chamber and a four-place rotor with cushioned adaptors. This design allows the use of various tubes, including 6 and 8-inch conical, pear-shaped, trace sediment, and 12.5 ml tubes.

Principle of Differential Settling

Operating on the principle of differential settling, these centrifuges employ high centrifugal force to separate oil from solid and liquid contaminants. With forces reaching up to 10,000 Gs, the centrifuge effectively separates particles as small as 1 micron from the oil and eliminates immiscible liquid contaminants.

MBP Inc. proudly serves as the premier supplier of Oil Testing Centrifuges in Canada and the USA, offering cutting-edge equipment for precise and reliable oil quality analysis in various industrial applications.