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Buy Microcentrifuges Online For Precision in Small-Scale Centrifugation

Buy Microcentrifuges online and experience precision like never before.

Micro Centrifuges, also known as microfuges, specialize in spinning small liquid samples at high speeds, generating substantial g-force, making them perfect for volumes of 2 ml or less. These compact units are tailored for microtubes, offering versatility in applications like microfilter cell separations and processing HPLC samples.

Compact Design for Maximum Utility

Explicitly designed for tubes holding less than 5.0 mL, Micro Centrifuges ensure efficient use of space with their smaller footprint. While benchtop centrifuges can accommodate microtubes, the dedicated design of microcentrifuges minimizes workspace clutter, enhancing the overall efficiency of laboratories.

In research, industry, and clinical laboratories, microcentrifuges play a crucial role in finding applications in blood banks, chemical laboratories, and heavy-duty tasks like petroleum product analysis.

MBP Inc. is a proud supplier of top-quality Micro Centrifuges in Canada and the USA, ensuring precision and reliability in small-scale centrifugation for laboratories.