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Buy Compact Centrifuges Online for Efficient Lab Operations

Streamline your sampling and buy Compact Centrifuges online with MBP Inc.

Compact Centrifuges are indispensable tools suitable for various settings, from scientific and medical labs to biotechnology and pharmacology. Their small size doesn’t compromise reliability and quality, making them ideal for labs where space is limited.

Flexible and Powerful

Known for their flexibility and power, Compact Centrifuges cater to life science and industrial research labs. With four angle rotors, including an innovative combination rotor by Corning, these centrifuges offer enhanced versatility, meeting diverse research needs.

Compact centrifuges find applications in both research and clinical laboratories, handling tasks like filtration, sedimentation, and column chromatography. Specifically designed clinical centrifuges excel in processing blood samples.

MBP Inc. stands out as the premier supplier of Compact Centrifuges in Canada and the USA, ensuring top-notch equipment for efficient laboratory processes.