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Hermle laboratory centrifuges and rotor accessories are ideal for clinical, research, and industrial laboratories.

Manufactured to address high-throughput applications, Hermle centrifuges can accommodate a range of sample volumes in different sample containers, including tubes, PCR strips, and microplates. You can purchase Hermle lab centrifuges online from our website!

Wide Range Of Hermle Centrifuges At MBP Inc:

We have versatile Hermle benchtop and microcentrifuges to complete various general-purpose centrifugation tasks. Get the best products from the best Hermle centrifuges supplier in Canada.

These are offered in several models with key features based on volume capacity, dimensions, speed settings, and refrigeration capabilities.

Hermle microcentrifuges can operate at speeds up to 15,000 RPM and benchtop units can run up to 18,000 RPM.

These lab centrifuges also feature an easy-to-use interface, over-speed protection, program storage, momentary spin function, imbalance rotor detection, programmable acceleration/deceleration, and an audible alarm for improved operations and enhanced user safety.