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Order Laboratory Shakers In USA and Canada

When it comes to precision and reliability in laboratory experiments, having the right equipment is essential. Introducing our exclusive collection of premium quality laboratory shakers, designed to meet the highest standards of performance, accuracy, and durability.

Laboratory Shakers Available At MBP Inc.

Labnet Gyrotwister 3D Adjustable Shaker

  • GyroTwister 3D shaker featuring a spacious 30 x 30 cm nonslip platform
  • Equipped with a dimpled tube mat for secure tube placement during shaking
  • Easily adjustable tilt angle for optimal mixing conditions and versatility

Labnet Orbit 1000 Digital Shaker without platform, 120V

  • Orbit 1000 Digital Orbital Shaker offers versatile platform configurations
  • Four options cater to different shaking and mixing needs
  • Single flat platforms designed to accommodate trays, plates, and dishes

Labnet Pro 30 Reciprocal Shaker without platform, 120V

  • Labnet Pro 30 shaker utilizes left-to-right linear motion for versatile gentle to vigorous shaking
  • Compact footprint designed to save space in your lab
  • Easy-access control panel enhances user-friendly operation

Shakers are essential instruments in laboratories due to their pivotal role in mixing, agitating, and stirring various types of samples. MBP Inc. brings you premium quality Laboratory Shakers in USA and Canada that ensure uniform distribution of substances, aiding in homogenization, dissolution, and reaction processes.

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One of the reasons we are renowned as the best suppliers in Canada & USA is the process of buying high-quality Shakers for Lab from MBP Inc. is straightforward. Just browse through our selection, choose the shakers that suit your needs, add them to your cart, input the necessary information, and finalize your order. Once your order is confirmed, anticipate the timely delivery of your chosen equipment.

Feel free to get in touch with us with any queries you may have, and our committed representative will be thrilled to provide you with comprehensive assistance as you navigate the journey of buying the ideal laboratory shakers in Canada and USA!