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Agitation and stirring processes are common in laboratories of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the specific application or process being performed, your lab technicians need to use the best equipment for the job to ensure consistent results.

Some labs won’t get the level of performance or consistency they need because they use the wrong agitation equipment and tools.

That’s why it is so important to understand your agitation options and when they are the right choice for your application. You can buy agitation lab equipment online from MBP Inc.

Types Of Agitators:

Read about the types of agitators below:

  • Paddle Agitators
  • Anchor Agitators
  • Helical Ribbon Agitators
  • Double Helical Ribbon Agitators
  • Agitators With Screw Impellers
  • Propeller Agitators
  • Turbine Agitators
  • Agitators with Retreat Curve Impellers
  • Agitators with Hydrofoil Impellers
  • Agitators with Dispersion Blade Impellers

You can get these from the best agitation equipment supplier, MBP Inc. Order it today!