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Epigenetics Analyses Kits In USA and Canada

Epigenetics is the study of changes in gene expression that are caused by mechanisms other than in DNA sequence variation. The epigenetic kits allow the researchers to analyze epigenetic modifications efficiently and reliably.

The kits are utilized for many epigenetics applications. You can get bisulfite sequencing and MeDIP kits for DNA methylation analysis, kits for ChIP and ChIP-seq, and chromatin and histone extraction kits.

Types Of Kits:

ChIP Kits:

These kits are easy to use, and they are ideal equipment for performing ChIP and ChIP-seq from a variety of samples and input amounts.

Bisulfite And Bisulfite-Seq Kits:

From simple and easy bisulfite conversion to the more recent post-bisulfite sequencing, there are kits for proper solutions of measuring 5-methylcytosine (5mC) level at single loci or across the whole genome.

DNA Methylation Kits:

A range of kits will help in quantifying DNMT and TET activity and performing MeDIP/hMeDIP and bisulfite-based applications. This can detect cytosine modifications in a variety of samples.

Chromatin and Histones Extraction Kits:

Chromatin and histone extraction kits are optimized and enhanced for usage with epigenetic modification detection kits, which ensures that you will start your analysis with an optimal sample.

Multiplex miRNAs Technology:

The brand-new multiplex miRNA technology will be an ideal technology that will be used for miRNA profiling. It will be offering researchers new ways to do their research and sampling.

Epigenetics Protocols:

Popular epigenetic protocols are used for applications such as Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP), RIP, and CLIP.

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