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10X Restriction Enzyme Reaction Buffer 2

K188 asCpf1 Nuclease NLS Protein (2.5 nmol)

K088 asCpf1 Nuclease NLS Protein (250 pmol)

K149 Cas9 D10A Nickase GFP NLS Protein

K134 Cas9 Nickase D10A NLS Protein

K132 Cas9 Nickase D10A Protein

K138 Cas9 Nickase H840A NLS Protein

K136 Cas9 Nickase H840A Protein

K148 Cas9 Nuclease GFP NLS Protein

K130 Cas9 Nuclease NLS Protein

K108 Cas9 Nuclease Protein

K186 Cas9 Null Mutant GFP NLS Protein

K140 Cas9 Null Mutant Protein

K142 Cas9 Null Mutant NLS Protein

E004 Cloning Optimizer

E009 DNA dA-Tailing Kit

DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina Sequencing – 12 Recations

E. coli CRISPR Knockout Teaching Kit

K187 fnCpf1 Nuclease NLS Protein

K087 fnCpf1 Nuclease NLS Protein (250 pmol)

Ligation-Free Cloning Kit

OneScribe T7 Transcription Kit

E014 Phi29 DNA Polymerase

E086 Pro Ligation-Free Cloning Kit (20 reactions)

Specialty Enzymes

At MBP Inc, we offer a wide variety of unique and affordable assortment of specialty enzymes. These enzymes can be used for epigenetic, genetic, and expression-based applications.

For many experimental procedures such as transformation, protein purification, spheroplasting, and immunofluorescence, the digestion of yeast and fungal cell walls is extremely important.

For digestion, the usage of lytic enzymes such as Zymolyase is usually implied. Zymolase is prepared from Arthrobacter luteus, lyophilized, and it is packaged along with a resuspension buffer. The buffer has undergone optimization so that it can confer maximized levels of enzymatic activities. The most prominent activities of enzymes are β-1,3 glucanase and β-1,3-glucan laminaripentao-hydrolase. They hydrolyze the glucose polymers at β-1,3-glucan linkages, which release laminaripentao as their fundamental products. The optimal Zymolyase activity takes place at 30° – 37°C. The lytic activity halts at temperatures higher than that. R-Zymolyase also includes 0.5U/ul RNase A at the time of its reconstitution.