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Western blot reagents are commonly used in molecular laboratories to separate and identify proteins. It is critical to find authentic western blot reagents to separate a mixture of proteins based on molecular weight through gel electrophoresis. If the western blot reagent you are using is not of high quality, the procedure of separating and identifying proteins gets difficult. We are here to solve your problem. As the best supplier known as MBP Inc. provide you with premium quality Western Blot Reagents for your molecular biology laboratory. You can entirely rely on us as we have high-quality products at the most affordable rates. We can provide you with relevant western blot reagents for your laboratory needs, including

  • Prevention of the digestion of proteins that occurs after cell lysis takes place.
  • Inhibition of metalloproteases.
  • Preparation of cell lysates.
  • Reduction of the disulfide bonds in proteins.
  • Blockage of the formation of intramolecular and intermolecular bonds between the cysteine residues of the protein.

We have got a wide range of Western blot reagents to cater to you in all these and many more purposes.

What do we provide?

  • We provide premium quality western blot reagents for authentic lab results.
  • We have the best rates across the market.
  • We provide you with excellent customer service.
  • We ensure the safe delivery of chemicals and other lab essentials in optimal conditions.

Try ordering Western Blot Reagents from us and make your laboratory results exceptional.