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Western blot was presented by Towbin in 1979. It is a commonly used method for protein analysis. It can be used for protein analysis in a qualitative and semi-quantitative manner.

To achieve the western blot, there are three procedures: separating proteins by size, transferring proteins to a solid support, and marking proteins by primary and secondary antibodies for visualization.

The Procedure of Western Blot

The procedure of western blot involves some steps. Read about them below:

  1. Sample preparation.
  2. Gel electrophoresis.
  3. Proteins transfer.
  4. Blocking.
  5. Antibody incubation.
    6. Protein detection and visualization.

Methods Of Western Blot:

Read about the methods of Western Blot below:

Direct Method:

  • Requires Only One Antibody
  • Eliminates problems with secondary antibody cross-reactivity

Indirect Method:

  • Signal amplification by secondary antibody
  • Vast selection of conjugated secondary antibodies
  • The one secondary antibody might be used with a number of other primary antibodies
  • The use of secondary antibodies does not inhibit primary antibody target binding
  • The use of labeled secondary antibodies provides options for multiple detection methods

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