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Gel loading dye is a colored dye that is paired with a DNA sample to run electrophoresis. It contains two dyes (bromophenol blue and xylene cyanol FF) for visually tracking DNA migration during electrophoresis. The glycerol makes sure that the DNA in the ladder and sample produces a layer at the bottom of the well. The EDTA in the solution mixes divalent metal ions and inhibits metal-dependent nucleases.

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Purposes Of Loading Dye:

Read about the purposes of loading dyes below:

These loading dyes color your sample, making it easier to tell if you successfully loaded your gel. These gels are dense and keep the DNA in your sample diluted away in the buffer.

Furthermore, they migrate through the gel alongside the DNA, helping you track the rate of migration of your sample through the gel. Loading dyes helps you to check your sample when you load it into a gel, but they don’t allow you to see the DNA fragments themselves.

DNA is colorless and invisible to the naked eye, so to identify the DNA fragments in your sample, you’ll need to use a DNA stain. DNA stains are pigmented or sometimes fluorescent molecules that interpolate or interact directly with DNA. It allows us to see exactly where the DNA is in the gel.

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