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Buy High-End RNA Ladders And Stains Online

Acquire precise assay results by getting RNA ladders and stains online

RNA Ladders are used in microbiological and biochemical experiments to evaluate the size and characteristics of RNA samples. These RNA ladders or stains feature high-quality RNA fragments that are used as a reference to evaluate different samples of RNA in gel-electrophoresis.

RNA molecules are comparatively more reactive than DNA molecules and are capable of forming secondary structures. They also exist in various forms, double-stranded (dsRNA), single-stranded (ssRNA), and microRNA (mRNA). Therefore it is ideal to use RNA ladders to determine the quality of polypeptides during electrophoresis. Various types of RNA ladders and stains are available based on the RNA sizing and type used for different electrophoresis applications.

How Do RNA Ladders and Stains Work?

RNALadders and Stains are standard sizing references used to determine the size of polypeptides or RNA present in the sample. RNA ladders are made of different RNA fragments along with binding materials like glyoxal or formaldehyde agarose. These gel-based standard steps are placed in the sample during gel-electrophoresis. During the process, the sample RNA moves upward on the RNA ladder at a rate inversely proportional to its weight. The results are visible in the form of bands, which makes it easier to compare with the reference and evaluate the characteristics of the samples.

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