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Get High-Quality Protein Markers and Ladders in USA and Canada

Get accurate electrophoresis results with reliable protein markers and ladders.

Protein Markers, also known as Protein ladders and protein standards, are used in experiments and processes to determine the size of proteins separated during gel electrophoresis. The protein markers serve as standards or references as they carry mixtures of highly purified proteins with known molecular weights and characteristics.

These highly functional protein markers offer a broad range of applications in biochemical and microbiological labs.

How Do Protein Ladders Work?

Protein ladders or markers are used to estimate the accurate size of protein molecules in your gel-electrophoresis. The mixture of purified proteins (protein samples that are used as standard) is sequentially arranged on the protein marker according to their molecular weight (from the largest molecular weight to the smallest molecular weight). The protein gels are visible in the form of bands and serve as a reference to evaluate the size and the characteristics of your sample protein.

Protein markers or ladders are loaded onto the electrophoresis gel along with samples. During the process, the sample proteins migrate on the ladder at a rate that is inversely proportional to their molecular weight. When the process is complete, the protein size ( results) will appear as separate bands in the gel.

Protein ladders or markers are found in various protein sizes and types. They can be stained, unstained, or fluorescent, depending on the process they are used for.

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