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Obtain Precise DNA Fragments Using DNA Ladders

MBP Inc. is the best supplier of advanced DNA Molecular Weight Markers, one of the widely used tools in molecular biology for DNA analysis. Engineered to provide accurate and impactful sizing of DNA fragments, our DNA ladders in Canada offer researchers and scientists to solve genetic mysteries with confidence.

Consistent And Reliable Outcomes

Our cutting-edge DNA ladders or markers are the essential components for various applications such as DNA sequencing, electrophoresis, and fragment size determination. Having a diversity of DNA fragment sizes, our DNA Molecular Weight Markers ensure optimum resolution and easy identification of your samples with simple analysis and accelerated research.

Exceptional Performance

MBP Inc. designs each of its products with meticulous attention to detail. Our DNA ladder also employs contemporary techniques that ensure variation between batches and cause exceptional outcomes every time a person uses it.

Convenient Loading Buffer

Our ladder comes with a convenient loading buffer saving precious time and effort during preparation. Additionally, for more convenience, the DNA ladders in Canada are provided in different formats and concentrations, helping to meet diverse research needs. Doesn’t matter if you’re performing routine DNA or dealing with high-throughput experiments; our DNA Molecular Weight Markers offer a perfect fit for your lab requirements.

Rigorous Quality Check

We offer our DNA ladder in different formats and concentrations, enabling researchers to achieve the utmost reliability. To ensure quality, our DNA ladder undergoes rigid quality control testing, including gel analysis and purity assessment, which certifies that the client will receive only a high-quality product.

Experience this stringent process and receive only the highest-quality product through us, get yourself one today!

As a company committed to excellence, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer support. Our team of experts is readily available to assist you with any inquiries, troubleshooting, or technical guidance, ensuring that you experience a seamless and successful DNA analysis journey.

Embrace the power of precision and consistency in your DNA research with our state-of-the-art DNA Ladder. Elevate your experiments, uncover new genetic insights, and accelerate your progress in the realms of molecular biology and genetic discovery. Choose our DNA Ladder and take your research to new heights.

These two terms mean essentially the same thing. DNA markers (and ladders) are DNA fragments of known length that are run in the same gel as unknown samples to provide a “marker” for where DNA fragments of particular lengths will migrate. Note that the distance migrated is proportional to the log(MW) of the DNA fragment. Thus DNA marker migration distances can be used to determine a standard curve for the migration of DNA in a gel. The term “ladder” comes from the appearance of commercial DNA marker preparations on gels. Commercial preparations usually have many DNA fragments spaced every Kbps or so, and the bands look like the rungs of a ladder when run on a gel.