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Deep Well Storage Assay Plates

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Deep Well Storage

The deep well storage plates are engineered for multiple purposes, including luminescence, absorbance, and fluorescence testing, that give precise results. These plates have a flat base that provides a more extensive surface area and a round bottom for mixing samples. Conical Bottom plates are also available and have various applications in diagnostic testing.

Assay Plates

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays are commonly used in analytical biochemistry. Assay plates are assay methods specifically for checking and measuring soluble elements like proteins, peptides, and hormones. This technology is also called EIA (enzyme immunoassay).

For coating directly, the antigens are stuck with the plate by a gradual absorption process. Generally, carbonates and bicarbonates that have a PH value greater than nine are used. If alkaline conditions are used, you can have almost all the proteins tightly attached to the polystyrene surface of the plates.

These plates are picked over the conditions of the assays: white assay plates are recommended for luminance assays, and black assay plates are typically used for fluorescence assays.

Assay Plate Formats

The plate formats include widely used 96-well plates and the less commonly used 1536-well plates. Moreover, 24-well plates, 96-well half plates, and 384-well plates are also available. They are used for high-throughput screening laboratories working on assays and other biology laboratories utilizing quantitative techniques.

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