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Best Quality Externally Threaded Cryogenic Vials

Externally threaded cryogenic vials are one of the most essential parts of any microbiology lab. When you need to store the specimen safely for further tests and research, externally threaded vials are the best solution. They ensure to keep specimens intact for long periods without contamination and change in the composition.

If you want to get your hands on premium quality externally threaded vials, you can order them through MBP Inc.

Order Externally Threaded Cryogenic Vials Through MBP Inc.

At MBP Inc., we have a wide collection of all microbiology lab supplies, including an ample range of externally threaded cryogenic vials too. Let’s have a look at why we are the best supplier of molecular biology products.

  • We believe in never compromising on quality; that’s why we follow a very strict inspection protocol. Each piece is checked multiple times before delivery to ensure that only the best product reaches the hands of the customer.
  • The material selection for making externally threaded cryogenic vials is made in a way so that it is completely inert and does not react with the specimen placed inside.
  • All the vials are properly airtight so that environmental chemicals do not react with the samples and change their composition.
  • We have a wide collection of different-sized externally threaded cryogenic vials so that the customers can choose according to their requirements.
  • Labels and barcodes are also printed on each vial. You can write down a brief description on the label and enter the barcode in the system for the record.

Get Externally Threaded Cryogenic Vials Easily

If you need externally threaded cryogenic vials in your lab at the best price, you don’t have to worry now, as MBP Inc. has got your back. Our mission is to provide comfort to all the customers. Browse through our collection, order what you need, and we will make sure to deliver it to your place.