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What Are Cryogenic Vials?

They are small vials or tubes with caps designed to hold out against extremely low temperatures. They come in various capacities, so you can choose based on your experiment. Plus, you can find several types, including sterile, non-sterile, and autoclavable. Based on your working style and lab requirements, you can go for one best suited for you.

You can find an entire range of cryogenic vials at Molecular Biology Products and they are nothing short of perfect. We make sure that the vials are of high quality and made from the finest materials so that you can conduct your experiments with absolute precision.

Use Of Cryogenic Vials In Laboratories

Cryogenic vials are sterile containers used to store biological material at extremely low temperatures. For straightforward testing, the thermal resistant tool comes in a variety of capacities with accessible graduation marks and labeling spaces. Mostly, they are used in laboratories to preserve samples that contain liquid nitrogen, as they can reserve the sample while tolerating low temperatures.

Furthermore, several cryogenic storage tubes feature a writing surface on the side for labeling. They come in handy in the organization of samples by type, researcher, and so on.

Why Buy From Molecular Biology Products?

High-quality, sterilized manufacturing, and affordable rates are just some of the reasons why you should consider Molecular Biology Products when buying cryogenic vials. We have tested them to ensure that every piece of the vial can withhold extreme temperatures when put to use in the lab. Plus, you can find a wide range, from cryogenic vials with 2 ml storage to ones that have a capacity of 0.5 ml. So, take your pick and buy now!