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Preserve Your Samples with Cryogenic Storage

Cryogenic storage comes in handy for preserving samples for as long as possible. You can freeze Cryogenic liquids with a mechanical freeze and use a compressor system to get as low as -86°c. These cryogenic liquids are cold, with boiling points below -150C. These liquids include liquid helium (-269C), liquid hydrogen (-253C), and liquid nitrogen (-196C). Cryogenic storage is what every laboratory needs to get its samples done. It is ideal equipment that most of the people who do research and sampling need for their use. Cryogenic storage has two types:

Mechanical Freezing

Mechanical freezing uses a refrigeration system that cools and freezes the samples in the freezer boxes. It can get as low as -86C.

Cryogenic Storage Tank

A cryogenic storage tank uses a temperature that is maintained by the vacuum-insulated tank and liquid nitrogen.

Types of Fill

Cryogenic storage has different types of fill. Both of the fill has a different range of vials and samples. With the manual fill, you can use it for a sample quantity of 100 to 6,000 vials. Meanwhile, the autofill cryogenic storage tanks have between 6,000 to 50,000 samples. Get your hands on cryogenic storage tanks at MBP Inc., your trusted supplier for lab equipment!