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Order High-Quality Microtubes:

Stack up these microtubes for your laboratory. Get these microtubes at affordable rates from MBP Inc.

Our single-use microtubes, meticulously crafted for holding microliter to milliliter quantities of liquid, cater to diverse laboratory applications. Available in both sterile and non-sterile options, these tubes are furnished with various cap configurations, such as screw, rope, or snap, and even options without caps.

Tailored for use in microcentrifuges, they are an exemplary choice for managing delicate and precise experimental conditions.

Microtubes: A Crucial Component In Diverse Research Labs

Embracing top-notch quality standards, snap cap microtubes or sterile microcentrifuge tubes are essential in ensuring the safe processing of low to medium-sized sample volume applications across various lab environments, including clinical, biochemistry, and molecular biology labs.

Exhibiting versatility, they become an ideal microtube choice for various research areas like protein research, mass spectrometry, protein array, sample preparation, microcentrifugation, and sample storage. Further, with availability in a plethora of colors, including variants like amber or black for light-sensitive samples, they cater to diverse experimental requisites.

Versatility Of Caps For Enhanced Security And Functionality

The thoughtful design of the snap cap on our microtubes guarantees a safe and liquid-tight seal, ensuring no compromise on the integrity of your sample during experiments or storage. Alternative designs, like flat-top caps, feature a needle insertion spot to facilitate specific experimental protocols.

Furthermore, select models of these microtubes are engineered with even more secure and safe lock snap caps, minimizing sample loss during processes and providing additional security, especially when working with radioactive or biohazard samples.

If you need Microtubes for labs in the USA, look no further because we have it all for you here at MBP Inc. Whether you need microtubes, we are the well-known supplier of these items!