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Single-use containers are made for holding microliter to milliliter quantities of the liquid. These tubes can be sterile or non-sterile. They come with caps that include a screw, tether, or snap. Some of these microtubes don’t have caps on them. These are ideal for use in microcentrifuges.

Top-notch quality standard snap cap microtubes or microcentrifuge tubes are important for the safe processing of low to medium-sized sample volume applications in clinical laboratories, biochemistry labs, or molecular biology labs. It is an ideal microtube for protein research, mass spectrometry, protein array, sample preparation, microcentrifugation, and sample storage. You can find these tubes in a wide variety of colors. It can include amber or black for light-sensitive samples.

The snap cap on the microtube gives a safe and liquid-tight seal. The other flat-top cap has a needle insertion spot on it. Some of these microtubes are available with more secure and safe lock snap caps that minimize sample loss during the process. It provides additional security to the user whenever they are working with radioactive or biohazard samples.