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High-Quality Centrifuge Tubes

Get the best and high-quality centrifuge tubes for your laboratory from MBP Inc.

Explore Premium Quality Disposable Centrifuge Tubes

Centrifuge tubes are one of the key laboratory assets used to separate a substance into its components. At MBP Inc., we are the manufacturers and suppliers of the most exceptional quality centrifuge tubes in Canada.

The Ultimate Solution for Demanding Laboratory Prerequisites

MBP Inc. produces centrifuge and micro-centrifuge tubes ideal for liquid transport and storage. From medical sampling to sample processing, our premium micro-centrifuge tubes are used for numerous lab applications requiring superior chemical resistance and sample integrity.

Designed with accuracy and longevity, our tubes provide précised centrifugation, sample storage, and other crucial functions.

Made of High-Quality Materials

Our centrifuge tubes are made of exceptional quality disposable Polypropylene that can be re-used and is more durable. You can use our centrifuge tubes effectively in different temperatures and centrifugation pressures.

These tubes come with installed snap caps to ensure safe handling and storage of your specimen, protecting even the most sensitive samples and minimizing risks of contamination or leakage. The caps are easy to use and promise the utmost convenience, diminishing the risk of accidental sample overflow or contagion mixing.

Available in different sizes, including 0.5ml, 1.5ml, and 2.0ml, our disposable centrifuge tubes or centrifuge tubes address the needs of various sample volumes and laboratory experiments.

Other Rudimentary Aspects

Our Polypropylene centrifuge tubes in Canada are transparent, enabling hassle-free visual inspection of samples and facilitating abrupt identification of your specimen. This particular feature substantially saves time and reduces the chances of errors during experiments or sample retrievals.

We design each tube in a conical shape with accurate dimensions, ensuring optimum sample recovery and the least sample loss during centrifugation. The tubes’ uniform wall thickness promotes even heat distribution, making them ideal for various temperature-sensitive applications, including PCR and DNA sequencing.

Choose MBP Inc. for the Finest Quality Centrifuge Tubes in Canada

Whether you need centrifuge tubes for small research or high-input screening, MBP Inc. is the first choice for scientists and researchers in various scientific disciplines. Enduring high temperatures and pressures, our disposable centrifuge tubes enable seamless performance and preservation of your valuable specimen.