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Overview of Centrifuge Tubes

MBP’s centrifuge tubes and microcentrifuge are ideal for liquid transport and storage. Use our centrifuge tubes effectively in a variety of temperatures and centrifugation pressures as well.
To manipulate small quantities of affinity supports that purify protein, centrifuge tubes are the most convenient equipment. The most commonly used disposable centrifuge tubes come in 1.5ml capacity. The most prominent features you’ll find in these tubes are:

⮚ Installed snap caps
⮚ Polypropylene formulation
⮚ 1.5 ml of space


You can simply add the mixture of organic compounds and samples in the microcentrifuge tube and proceed by using the tube to completely rinse away all the pollutants/ contaminants and remove the absorbed elements by washing with any solvent. The sample will be purified, but make sure you don’t lose any resin during the cleaning procedure. The microcentrifuge tubes are an incredible tool to purify proteins in less time.

Balancing The Tubes

The ultra-centrifuge tubes cannot be balanced by putting the same volume in two centrifuge tubes. Similarly, judging the volume in two tubes by sight, and assuming they’re balanced is also a wrong approach. Always place your tubes on the scale and use 0.1 grams as the benchmark for balance. In case your tube has a screw on the top, then include the tops when measuring the tube, because at times the tubes aren’t matched.