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Cell Culture Research Kits in USA and Canada

Cell culture research kits are developed to use for cell culture preparation, maintenance of cell lines, and running cell-based assays. These kits are developed and formulated to provide ideal cell morphology, cell viability, and maximal assay performance for diverse applications from the early screening stages to the late drug discovery phase.

Cell culture kits are available as separate components bundled for the first-time cell line use or incorporated as part of assay-ready and bioassay format kits. These products have been rigorously optimized and functionally tested with cell lines to ensure accurate and reproducible assay results, and they are utilized for screening services daily to generate millions of data points.

All of these kits allow for immediate experimental execution and eliminate the time-consuming aspect of cell culture assay optimization, reagent planning, finding and testing multiple reagent sources, and preparation steps.

Advantages of Cell Culture Kits

These cell culture kits are the demand of many drug discoveries and development projects for supporting engineered cell lines for GPCR, cytokine receptors, checkpoint orbiters, kinases, and many other popular drug discovery targets and applications.

  • High-Performance: Formulated for providing ideal cell morphology, cell viability, and maximal assay performance for assuring successful research outcomes.
  • Consistent Results: Well-optimized for each assay to make sure the results are accurate and reproducible.
  • Dependable: Reliable microplates that have a high luminescent signal with low background luminescence with optimal cell attachment and reduced well-to-well cross talk.

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