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Leveled Up Cell Culture Systems

Molecular Biology Products offers a wide range of high-volume cell culture systems at affordable rates for a plethora of applications. Most types of cell culture are performed on standard-size systems, which poses a limitation on the number of cells. T-flasks of sizes 25㎠ to 175㎠ are the most common choice for typical yields. However, the production of a larger quantity of cells does not lie within the capacity of a T-flask.

High-volume cell culture alternatives allow more time for consecutive passage of the cells. These are optimized based on a number of parameters to eliminate problems with nutrient depletion as well as oxygen depletion. The accumulation of destructive by-products in addition to issues related to gaseous exchange is left to expert scientists. However, with our optimized cell culture systems, cell volumes exceeding 1 L can be readily performed.

Optimized For Higher Cell Culture Volumes

With our compact, single-use, and multi-layered cell systems, various cell culture quantities can be handled. This has also made the processes involving vaccine production, monoclonal cell generation, or drug production for labs quite efficient.

The higher level of yields dismisses the need for the services of an expert process development scientist. You can save some money on your products by stocking up on different types of cell culture systems from Molecular Biology Products Inc., your proficient supplier of all kinds of laboratory equipment!