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MBP Inc. Your Reliable Supplier For Sturdy Polypropylene And Strong Nylon Mesh Cell Strainers.

Cell Strainers For Proper Removal Of Foreign Particles

The use of Cell Strainers in labs is very important. They are attached to different test tubes and conical tubes for the purpose of isolating primary cells and to filter out single-cell suspensions from a mixture.

Cell strainers come in different colors for identification reasons. Basically, these help determine which one to use for which flask size. They are used for sample preparation in a lot of specimens such as:

  • Stem Cell Cultures
  • Tissue Derived Culture
  • Primary Cell Culture
  • Cytometry Cell Procedures

What Cell Strainer Sizes Are Available?

At Molecular Biology Products, cell strainers can be found at the best prices, sizes of 40 um, 70 um, and 100 um, marked with the colors purple, orange, and green respectively. These colors represent pore sizes and are an extremely convenient way of differentiating between cell strainers.

Cell strainers are a useful piece of lab equipment and help filter out all the debris and clumps of foreign particles to isolate particular cell cultures. They are sturdy and long-lasting as they are made of polypropylene which is a resilient material, as well as strong nylon mesh. They are also gamma radiation sterilized and non-pyrogenic, hence contamination will not be an issue.