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Buy Cell Culture Inserts in the USA and Canada

Cell Culture Inserts are created and designed to be used in concert with carrier plates. You can use these inserts for slotting in multiple positions. It allows the user to adjust the well-growth surface height, and it can result in media volume being repaired for such a height.

This customizability will let you optimize for gas exchanges, oxygen tensions, pH, and growth factory availability. There are different insert pore sizes that you can pick depending on your application. Navigate through the associated guide using the button below.

Cell Culture Inserts are an innovative add-on that you can pick for your own standard insert offerings. The carrier plate fits in 12- or 24-well formats. It provides carefully engineered height-adjusting grooves within each well for use with the inserts.

As your trusted supplier, we ensure that you always have the option to choose! You can get it with or without the carrier plate addition for better results in any application that requires a 12- or 24-well plate. The procedures will be easy, more precise, and efficient.

Benefits Of Cell Culture Inserts

Cell culture inserts come with benefits that will help you achieve better results in your procedures:

  • The stable position of the inserts within the walls
  • Simplified pipetting by reducing handling efforts
  • Flexibility integration with automated workflows (for example, 3D printing)
  • Reduction of unwanted mechanical forces
  • The design has TEER electrode positioning
  • Prevention of unwanted insert movement
  • Lid with condensation rings
  • Gas exchange optimization
  • Compatible with most standard cell culture equipment
  • RNase / DNase-free and non-pyrogenic

You can buy Cell Culture Inserts online from MBP Inc. at affordable rates to get better results in your procedures. Your procedures will be easy, more precise, and efficient.