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Buy The Best Laboratory Rockers Online In The USA And Canada With Mbp Inc.

Experience gentle agitation for precise applications and buy laboratory rockers online in the USA and Canada.

Discover the efficiency of Lab Rockers, an essential instrument when a gentle, rocking motion is needed for specific laboratory applications. Ideal for low-foaming agitation, DNA extraction, blot washing, and various staining procedures, these rockers offer versatile rocking motions to cater to different needs. The common options include a 3D gyrating motion and a wave or seesaw rocking motion, providing flexibility in sample handling.

Adjustable Tilt and Speed for Customized Agitation

Lab Rockers come with customizable features, allowing users to adjust the tilt or angle as well as the speed (RPM) based on the specific requirements of their experiments. The capacity of these rockers varies, and some models may even offer double or triple platforms for enhanced productivity.

Upgrade your laboratory’s agitation capabilities with MBP Inc., the best supplier of lab rockers.