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The hybex Glass Media Bottles for lab are made from high-quality glass that’s really good at resisting chemicals. These bottles are perfect for keeping reagents, culture media, biological fluids, and different kinds of liquids safe.

The glass used in hybex bottles can handle temperature changes really well. It can go from super cold (-70°C) to really hot (500°C). You can use these bottles in freezers, microwaves, autoclaves, and even dry heat sterilization chambers often.

Each bottle has easy-to-read markings on it, so you can see how much liquid is inside. There’s also a big area where you can put labels. The hybex media bottles come with a special ring to prevent leaks and a standard blue cap (the 50 ml bottle has a different cap).

You can get these bottles with caps in different colors like green, purple, white, and yellow. They come in packs of 10; you can choose the cap color you want when ordering. You can buy hybex glass media bottles and flasks online from our MBP Inc.