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Laboratory hotplates and stirrers are bench top laboratory instruments designed to heat and mix various liquids and solutions uniformly. Traditional hotplates are employed solely for heating purposes, whereas combination hotplate stirrers can achieve both heating and mixing simultaneously.

Infrared hotplates provide an energy-efficient alternative to conventional and combination hotplate stirrers. Hotplate accessories, including temperature probes, external digital displays, and heating blocks, can be paired with compatible hotplates.

Our hotplates and hotplate stirrers come in diverse formats, incorporating the latest technology in single or multiple platforms, available in both analog and digital configurations. They offer a range of capacities, from a few milliliters up to 10 L or more, and provide a selection of top plate materials to suit specific application requirements.

These instruments, characterized by operational simplicity, reliable performance, and advanced safety features, simplify the process of selecting the ideal hotplate or hotplate stirrer.

Stand-alone bench top devices are typically utilized to heat glassware and its contents. However, for scenarios requiring indirect heat, vessels can be suspended above the heat source using accessories such as tripods, retort stands, rods, etc. You can buy lab hotplate and stirrer from MBP Inc. Get it today!