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Laboratory cooling blocks and racks are great for controlling temperatures in the lab. These electric blue aluminum blocks are tough and can handle cold temperatures because they are anodized.

The blocks are designed with wells that fit tubes perfectly, ensuring good thermal conductivity. To use them, just place the cooling blocks on the temperature source you want, and they will quickly adjust to that temperature.

These blocks are functional if you need to cool, freeze, or heat (thaw) samples. You can use them on ice, dry ice, water baths, and liquid nitrogen. The set of 5 racks helps keep biological samples organized and upright at consistent temperatures for a long time.

There are options for holding different types of tubes and plates, like 1.5/2.0mL MCTs, cryogenic vials, 0.5mL tubes, and 96 and 384-well plates. You can get Benchmark cooling blocks and racks from our website. Check MBP Inc. for it.