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Shop for High-Quality Lab Automated Purification Systems Online with MBP Inc.

Shop lab automated purification systems online and streamline your sample processing.

The lab-automated purification system is a specially designed solution to optimize DNA and RNA extraction, protein preparation, and cell isolation in laboratories. This system revolutionizes sample preparation workflows by automating tedious steps such as washing, binding, and elution, reducing touch time and minimizing human errors.

Consistent Results with Versatile Solutions

Lab Automated Purification system offers versatile benchtop automation for nucleic acid and protein purification, ensuring consistent and reproducible results. The flexible nucleic acid purification systems simplify the isolation process, saving lab space with compact benchtop units. Employing magnetic bead separation technology, these systems guarantee superior and uniform recovery of DNA or RNA, enhancing data quality for downstream applications like qPCR, mass spectroscopy, and next-generation sequencing.

Elevate your laboratory efficiency with MBP Inc., the best supplier of lab-automated purification systems, and experience a plethora of benefits for your sample preparation needs.