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Accuris Instruments is a company that produces a variety of laboratory instruments and equipment. They are known for providing scientific research, analysis, and experimentation tools. You can get Accuris Lab Equipment supplies from MBP Inc. Get it today!

Types Of Accuris Instruments:

Accuris has different types of instruments. Read about them below: :

Balances: Precision instruments for accurately measuring mass in laboratories.

Centrifuges: Devices for separating particles from liquids based on density through rapid spinning.

Liquid Handling Equipment: Tools like pipettes and controllers for precisely dispensing and transferring liquids in labs.

Thermal Cyclers: Instruments used in PCR for amplifying DNA through heating and cooling cycles.

Electrophoresis Systems: Offered for separating biomolecules based on size and charge using electric fields.

Shakers and Mixers: Instruments for agitating substances in various containers.

Accuris Instruments aims to provide reliable and precise equipment to support scientists, researchers, and professionals in their work within the laboratory environment.

Their products are designed to meet the demands of accuracy and efficiency required in scientific experiments and analyses. You can buy Accuris lab instruments online from our website!