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Introducing Automation Pipette Tips

High-Quality Pipette Tips for Automated Liquid Handlers. Molecular Biology Products provides automation tips that are engineered precisely to fit the exact specifications of major automation platforms.

With automated pipette tips, you can conveniently take out any given volume of liquid from the source through various methods: suction, aspiration, or dispensing the fluid on the container.

The automation pipette tips are designed to correct the specifications, which makes sure the fit remains consistent. The most commonly used models in laboratories are the sterile filter pipette tips.

The above-mentioned tips come in various volumes, ranging from 50 microlitres to 1000 microlitres that also work well with small-volume dispensing. The different types of tips help in working without concerning yourself about extremely viscous substances and contaminations.

The pipette tips are passed through a rigorous quality check to make sure consistency is maintained. Moreover, the coefficient of variation is kept low at 1-3% which helps keep the tips straightened. The Automated Pipette Tips are engineered with high-end specifications. Consequently, these tips are 400% tighter than ordinary pipette tips.

Features And Perks

⮚ High-Quality pipette tips that ensure better extraction of liquids
⮚ Carry out all the protocols with confidence
⮚ Have the right fit with every experiment
⮚ Available in a wide range of formats like non-filtered pipettes, and filtered pipettes.
⮚ The tips go through a strict checking process making them free of RNA, DNA, Pyrogen, and ATPs.