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100L Glass Reactors:

The 100L Single-Jacketed Glass Reactors are considered the best reactors on the market because their outer jacket allows for liquid circulation within a temperature range of -80°C to 250°C.

These reactors are designed with no compromise on quality, yet we offer them at a very affordable price, setting us apart from our competitors.

Our reactors offer the best value for money, and we provide exceptional customer service, local product support and a 1-year warranty with each purchase.

Take your laboratory to the next level by investing in a lab single-jacketed reactor, and experience the difference today. Purchase it from MBP Inc., 100L glass reactors suppliers in Canada and USA.


  • 100L reaction vessel capacity,
  • 5L material flask capacity,
  • -80°C to 250°C glass temperature range,
  • 0-450 RPM rotary speed.
  • The unit weighs 275 lbs,
  • 250W stirrer wattage
  • Requires 110-120V 60Hz 15A power.
  • Dimensions: 48″L x 34″W x 102″H.

Other specs include a digital step-less speed regulation, a 35MM bottom drain port, and a 16MM receiving flask barb. You can buy 100L glass reactors online from MBP Inc.