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In molecular biology, reactors typically refer to devices or vessels used for carrying out chemical reactions or biological processes on a larger scale.

These reactors are designed to provide controlled conditions for amplifying or modifying biological molecules, such as DNA, RNA, or proteins.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machines, for example, are a type of reactor commonly used in molecular biology. PCR reactors enable the amplification of specific DNA sequences, allowing researchers to produce large amounts of DNA for further analysis.

Other types of reactors in molecular biology may include those used for protein expression, where specific proteins are produced in larger quantities for research or industrial purposes. Get it from the best laboratory reactors supplier in Canada and USA, MBP Inc.

These reactors play a crucial role in facilitating various molecular biology techniques by providing a controlled environment for biochemical reactions to occur, allowing scientists to study, manipulate, and analyze biological molecules on a larger scale. You can shop laboratory reactor systems from MBP Inc.