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Agilent AX-65 Air-Cooled Diffusion Pump

USD 2,383.00

Agilent Oil-Free Compact Dry Scroll Pump

USD 3,609.00USD 8,705.00

Agilent PCG-750 Pirani Capacitance Diaphragm High Vacuum Gauge

USD 891.00

Agilent TwisTorr 74 FS Turbo Pump Package

Ai SuperVac Corrosion-Resist, 2-Stage, Vacuum Pumps

USD 1,890.00USD 3,590.00

Ai SuperVac High Capacity Vacuum Pump

USD 6,990.00USD 12,990.00

Ai WaterVac 0.7 cfm Water Aspirator Vacuum Pump

USD 650.00

Dual Diaphragm Rebuild Kit for ULVAC

USD 420.00USD 868.00

EasyVac 9 CFM 110V Dual Stage Vacuum Pump

USD 790.00

Edwards CFM Dual-Stage High Capacity Vacuum Pump

USD 8,653.00USD 18,244.00

Edwards EMF10 Dual-Stage Exhaust Mist/Odour Filter

USD 405.00USD 446.67

Edwards ITC20K Inlet Chemical Trap

USD 1,895.00

Edwards nEXT85 Turbo Pump Package

Edwards nXDS Series Dry Scroll Pumps Tip Seal Service Kit

USD 10.00USD 18,708.00

Edwards PFPE E2M28 FX 22 CFM Dual-Stage Vacuum Pump

USD 10,414.00

Edwards PFPE RV3 2.6 CFM Dual-Stage KF25 Vacuum Pump

USD 5,131.00

EdwardsCFM Dual-Stage Vacuum Pump

USD 3,836.00USD 4,637.00

Exhaust Silencer Filter for Edwards nXDS Series Vacuum Pumps

USD 447.00

MF30 Exhaust Oil Mist Filter for Edwards E2M28 Vacuum Pumps

USD 442.00USD 1,749.00

Mist/Odour Elements for Edwards Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter

USD 207.00USD 222.00

Tip Seal Kit for Agilent IDP3

USD 287.00

Welch 1417 Exhaust Filter

USD 221.00USD 524.00

Welch CRVpro8 Explosion Proof Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

USD 5,270.00USD 6,450.00

Welch Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

USD 3,875.00USD 13,670.00

Buy Vacuum Pumps Online

Vacuum pumps come in different types, such as primary, secondary, and booster pumps. Regardless of their classification, the primary function of a vacuum pump is to remove air or gas molecules from a chamber.

Working Mechanism of Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps create a pressure difference, causing gas to move from an area of higher pressure to an area of lower pressure. Positive displacement pumps physically move gas, while momentum transfer and entrapment pumps use different mechanisms to evacuate gas molecules.

Usage of Vacuum Pumps

  • Laboratory and Research: In laboratories for experiments, sample preparation, and maintaining controlled environments.
  • Medical: In medical devices such as analytical instruments and vacuum-assisted wound closure systems.
  • Industrial Manufacturing: For processes like vacuum drying, degassing, and packaging in electronics and food packaging industries.
  • Analytical Instruments: Integral to instruments like mass spectrometers and electron microscopes for accurate readings.
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing: For creating a vacuum environment in the production of semiconductors.

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